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How to Prep Sand Raw Wood Video

Posted by roy 20/05/2021 0 Comment(s)

General Finishes believe victory loves preparation! Though many may claim sanding is not necessary before applying stain... it is necessary if you want an even application and you want it to stick!

This video discusses preparing new wood for finishing.

The most critical part of finishing a piece of furniture happens before you open a can of stain or paint – it starts with the sanding. Sanding is critical to create a smooth surface.

To prepare new wood that is going to be PAINTED, first sand with 120 grit. Follow up with 150 Grit.

The sanding sequence for new wood that will be STAINED is 120 grit, followed by 150.

For water finishes sand up to 180 (for oil-based finishes you would stop at 150).

Do not over sand with the final grits – you will create a surface that is so smooth it will not accept a finish.


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