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Our next stock delivery is shipping on the Toronto Express, ETA Southampton 4/10, which should arrive at our warehouse about a week later. (Due to a rail delay, the shipment could not make it in time for the previously scheduled Montreal Express booking).

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Most of our packaging is sustainable and recyclable. 


Our cardboard boxes contain a minimum of 75% recycled contents and are entirely recyclable. Our locally-sourced boxes are FSC certified.

Box packing/padding:

We use cardboard offcuts, shredded boxes and paper.

Document wallets:

We are trialling paper-based document envelopes on some shipments. 

Packing Tape:

We are trialling more eco-friendly options, including paper tape. The existing tape is recycling-plant compatible.


We are almost plastic-free in our packaging. We will only use it in the last resort where an item is particularly fragile (e.g. some 473ml clear bottles). We hope to eliminate this as the existing packing stock runs out.

Please recycle packing materials. Feedback on our packaging is welcome to packaging@bruach.com