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GF's New Durable Dead Flat Top Coats Are Now Available

Posted by roy 06/12/2022 0 Comment(s)

Bruach Finishing Supplies, the importers and distributors of General Finishes to the UK and Europe are delighted that due to brand new patented polymer technology, GF has created a Matte sheen without waxes and matting agents that decrease durability.

Until now, Matte sheens always came with a compromise in durability. Consumers have been asking for an ultra-flat topcoat that is as durable as our other sheens, and General Finishes is finally able to deliver High Performance Top Coat in Dead Flat and Enduro Clear Poly in Dead Flat.

Defining Durability
All of our GF's testing shows High Performance Dead Flat is as durable as High Performance Satin, which is a drastic improvement over Flat Out Flat topcoat.

Flat: (degree sheen)
Flat Out Flat: <5
High Performance Dead Flat: <5

Water Resistance: (max 5)
Flat Out Flat: 2
High Performance, Dead Flat: 4

Chemical Resistance: (0-100)
Flat Out Flat: 82
High Performance, Dead Flat: 92

Scratch Resistance and Marring:
Scratch Resistance is strong with both products.
Marring is better than Flat Out Flat and comparable to the Satin and Flat.

High Performance vs. Clear Poly
The main differentiator between these products is that Clear Poly is a spray-only product and High Performance can be applied with a brush or sprayed. Clear Poly is popular among high-production contractors but both products produce professional results.

Is Dead Flat Clear Poly tintable?
Yes! Clear Poly in Dead Flat can be tinted in the same way as other sheens. The colour may be softer, but it can be done.

How do you maintain the clarity of a Dead Flat sheen over dark colours?
Applying 2 coats of Sanding Sealer, Gloss or Semi-Gloss before adding a final layer of Dead Flat will create more "depth" over a dark stain but is not necessary. Clarity is not affected in the High Performance or Clear Poly Dead Flat topcoats.

Upgraded Features

  • Patented self-matting polyurethane
  • Uses renewable resources, with no Prop 65 chemicals
  • Meets KCMA standards
  • VOC compliant nationwide

Warning: Do Not Mix!
Topcoat with a Dead Flat sheen CAN NOT be mixed with another sheen because a completely different polymer is used and the combined formulas will not perform well as one.

High Performance Dead Flat     Enduro Clear Poly Dead Flat

Leaders in Water-Based Finishing Innovation
General Finishes actively works to improve their products on an ongoing basis. As new finishing technology is released, GF test and experiments to stay on the leading edge. GF's chemist travels around the world and is sent new ingredients when they are discovered on a regular basis. GF are one of the rare companies capable of incorporating new innovations and ingredients into their products, no expense spared, because of their dedication to staying on the leading edge and providing the highest quality product on the market. 


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