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Cling On! R20 - Round 20 Paint Brush

Cling On! R20 - Round 20 Paint Brush

Furniture painters prefer Cling On! brushes for their exceptional application, lack of shedding, and smooth, flawless finishes. Made with premium synthetic filaments and a painted beech wood handle, the filaments are locked in with epoxy cement to prevent shedding. The stainless steel ferrule is added for extra strength and durability. These brushes are handmade in Holland and suitable for all waterborne materials. Available in various shapes and sizes, including round, oval, flat, block and angled styles.

The round paintbrushes are perfect for spindles, banisters and detailed work. 

R12 is the smallest paintbrush, perfect for small projects like photo frames

R14 is slightly bigger than R12, perfect for detailed work

R16 is a medium round brush, perfect for spindles

R18 is a larger brush, perfect for bigger spindles

R20 is the biggest round brush, great if you paint a lot! 

- R20 - 

Extra Large Round

Diameter: 32mm (1.25")

Filaments length: 58mm (2.3")

Handle: 190mm (7.5")

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