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Hard Wax Oil Gray 473ml

New Hard Wax Oil Gray 473ml

If you're looking for a wood finish that's both easy to use and highly effective, look no further than General Finishes' Hard Wax Oil. This finish is made with a blend of oil and wax that enhances the natural look of wood, and includes a high-quality urethane-solids polymer for improved durability and chemical resistance. For even better results, use the optional GF Hardener to shorten drying time and improve durability. Hard Wax Oil is perfect for use on interior raw wood furniture, millwork, and woodworking projects. It will not crack or peel, can be buffed to a higher sheen, and is very easy to apply. Please note that it is a maintenance product and should be reapplied when wear becomes evident.

Cleanup of Hard Wax Oil

Clean up application materials and hands with mineral spirits.


Take GREAT CARE when disposing of product-soaked applicators. Application materials containing Hard Wax Oil products may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately place all application materials soaked with this product in a sealed, water-filled metal container. Dispose of in accordance with local fire regulations. 


Clean up spills with mineral spirits immediately while wet. If oil and wax finishes dry, they are difficult to clean off any surface, clothes or carpet. Carpet may discolour if cleaned with mineral spirits.


Protect your workspace with a tarp, your hands with gloves, and your clothes with an apron.

Colours on Oak


Colours on Walnut


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