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Tom Thumb Can Clips Large (single clip)

Out Of Stock Tom Thumb Can Clips Large (single clip)

Tom Thumb Clip Company makes precision can securing clips for shipping and mailing. Their lid clips provide maximum fastening for metal cans, including paint cans.

In use since 1962, Tom Thumb packaging clips are the finest available for those who require maximum security in shipping cans. They have more effective gripping power and use fewer clips per can. No special tools are required. The clips are made in Willoughby, Ohio, USA.

The three sizes are US Gallon (large), US Quart / US Pint (medium), and US 1/2 Pint (small). All clips are priced the same. Samples for bulk buying are available upon request.

Note bulk orders are counted by weight so a small variation in the number supplied is possible.

Standard minimum requirements are as follows: 6 clips per US Gallon can, 4 clips per US Quart/US Pint/US 1/2 pint can.

They are easy to use. Three simple steps prepare your cans for safe shipment.

  • Step 1: Place the hook of the clip under the rim of the can
  • Step 2: Using the thumb, roll it over and into the V of the lid
  • Step 3: Press down firmly until it snaps tightly into position. Easy and ready to go safely and securely!

All cans can vary in required clip sizes. Manufacturers may use a number of can suppliers. We find the:

  • US Gallon clip normally fits the General Finishes 3.7l / US Gallon
  • US Quart / US Pint clip normally fits the General Finishes 946ml / US Quart
  • US 1/2 pint clip normally fits the General Finishes 473ml / US Pint.

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